Bizfluent: Logo 1

Bizfluent is a content-rich website of business- and tax- related articles created for small to large businesses. The brand reached a point where their made-on-the-fly-at- launch logo could no longer sustain their goals.


Bizfluent: Old and new logos


I redesigned the logo with custom lettering in order to create a unique deliverable for the client. The speech bubble in the previous logo was dropped in favor of simplicity.


Bizfluent: Groups

All of Bizfluent’s content falls into three main groups. I utilized color coding to distinguish and correspond to the three. Additionally, I created a color system that relates all the categories to their respective group. This system is meant to be useful to the audience as well as to the product engineers.


Bizfluent: Color system key


Finally, I designed a set of monoline icons to cover all the categories.

Bizfluent: Icons


Bizfluent: Logo 2


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