Your Health: Issue 7 Cover

Your Health: Issue 7 Final Cover

Cover for Your Health by Gundry MD magazine issue 7, merging original photography with 3D assets.


We were still in the pandemic during the design of this issue, so I continued to look for ways of producing the cover that maximized everyone’s safety. One idea that had previously been back-burnered was using a frame prop. This idea had come up while brainstorming for past issues, but we always ran into obstacles in getting a prop built. For this issue, I realized it could be done digitally and pursued it.


Your Health: Issue 7 initial sketches
Initial sketches to communicate the idea to get buy-in, and to show the photographer what the photography would need to do.


Your Health: Issue 7 colors
Color studies for locking down wardrobe and to present this to get a retoucher on board.


Your Health: Issue 7 photography
The photographer shot Dr. Gundry holding a 2×4.


Your Health: Issue 7 3D assets
In the meantime, I built some 3D assets and matched the light setup that was on set.


Your Health: Issue 7 rough comps
As the photography and 3D started to roughly come together, the angle and colors were narrowed down for final design.


Your Health: Issue 7 Final Render
Once everything was as locked in as possible, the retoucher merged the 3D asset with the photography seamlessly.


That became the final cover.


Your Health: Issue 7 Final Cover


Art direction & designs: Dana Chen
Photography: Cookie Schulte
3D graphics & retouching: Joel Bewley
Editor: Mike Scarr


  • Skills:
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop
    • Typesetting
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