Your Health: The Body Issue

The Body Issue: Cover design


Cover for Your Health by Gundry MD magazine issue, with a theme on the body and health.


The Body Issue: Ideation
Initial proof-of-concept mocks using existing photography to get editor buy-in. The idea is to use tear-away layers to reveal underlying information.


The Body Issue: Cover compositions with photos


The Body Issue: Rough comps with tears
Post-photoshoot compositions to gauge where best to create the tear-aways.


The Body Issue: Rough sketches
Illustrator’s sketches with my art direction. Initially, the visuals were exploratory and comprised of florals and patterns. We settled on the idea of leafy greens because of Dr. Gundry’s emphasis on including cruciferous vegetables in the diet.


The Body Issue: Various colors


Your Health: Final Art


The Body Issue: Illustration detail


The Body Issue: TOC
The paper tears were a visual motif used throughout the issue, not just the cover.


Art direction, design, and torn-paper graphics: Dana Chen
Photography: Susa Jean
Illustration: Ben Tegel
Editor: Mike Scarr


  • Skills:
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop
    • Typesetting
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