Your Health: Summer Issue

In the spring of 2020, the pandemic forced sudden change upon everything. Producing the photoshoot was no exception. I was left wondering: How can a cover get made without risking the health of the face of the brand, the photographer, and crew?



With budget and time as unmovable constraints, the solution was to create something fresh with existing photography. Susa Jean had shot Dr. Gundry for a previous cover. It had been one of those great shoots where everyone’s energy level was resonating with one another. Out of that, there were many outtakes with great facial expressions that just felt right for the tone of this issue’s cover.



The editor and I both felt the theme of this issue was the idea of a transition or pivot. Something out of everyone’s control had occurred and we all had to adapt. Visually, that lended well to composites of multiple images, like how things were going before the pandemic and how they needed to change during it.



The theme also translated to color gradations. Throughout the issue, gradients appeared, as a nod back to the overall theme of change.





Art direction & design: Dana Chen
Cover photography: Susa Jean
Food photography: Cookie Schulte


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