Where’s All the Water Going?

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Water infographic: Top

Water infographic: Middle

Water infographic: Facts on the bottom

Data-wise, this one was tricky because the range in the dataset was so big. Visualized as a bar graph, some numbers were literally off the chart and others barely visible.

Water infographic: Initial data wrangling

Water infographic: first design attempt

First attempt: A one-to-one solution where each gallon icon = a gallon. Too long, too much scrolling.


Water infographic: Second design attempt

Second attempt: Area = size, using swimming pools as metaphor. Kind of confusing because there’s a represented volume (from the data) and a real-life volume (how many gallons a swimming pool can actually hold).

Water infographic: Third design attempt

The second attempt gave rise to the third attempt. Instead of pools, the shape was changed to something symbolic—a water drop. With a custom scale formula to adjust for optical sizing, the last step was finalizing the icons.


Water infographic: First icons

Water infographic: Final icons

Research: Julie Sheer
Editorial: Michael Scarr
Art direction: Nicole Coppola
Design: Dana Chen
© LiveSTRONG.com


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