Villains Party Printables and Crafts

Craft and DIY content produced for That Mouse Company. I worked under a creative director alongside photo and content editors to brainstorm, pitch, and produce a big batch of Halloween content aimed at parents throwing a Villains-themed party. I sketched out ideas, put together a visually driven pitch deck, created illustrations, and managed the printables.

Let's be evil!

Poor unfortunate souls snack concept

Deadly Punches concept

Evil Centerpiece concept

Evil Centerpiece: Hook

Evil Centerpiece: The Queen

Evil Centerpieces IRL

Baddie Baggies printables

Baddie Baggies IRL

Poison apple and crown wall hanger

Bubbles and tentacles wall hanger

Creative direction: Nicole Coppola
Photography, photo editing, styling: Eileen Sweeney, Brooke Wolin
Illustration, design: Dana Chen
Editorial: Claire Webb, Jodi Cararas


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