The Best New Words of the Last 100 Years

The editors at eHow published a listicle of 10 best ‘new’ words for each of the last 10 decades (1910s–2000s). I worked with them to come up with a way to make the piece more exciting than a literal, long list of words and their definitions.


Best New Words: 1920s


For each decade, I typeset or lettered the words in a style inspired by the aesthetic of that decade. So much research, so fun!


Best New Words: 1930s


I haven’t been alive for many of these decades, so I soon realized that the beginnings and ends of adjacent decades kind of blends together. (Kind of obvious once I thought about it!) So, I made sure that I started working from the two extremes, begunning with the 1910s and 1990s, and ending in the middle with the ’60s. As for the 2000s, I figured I would be most familiar with that decade (when I actually started paying attention to type and design), so I worked on it after the ’60s.


Best New Words: 1960s


The ’60s were probably my favorite to work on.


Best New Words: 1970s


For each decade, I looked at books, posters, album covers, magazines. Some decades were a lot easier than others — for the ’70s, I just imagined vintage toy packaging and a van with bubbly windows parked in the ’burbs.


Best New Words: 1980s


For the full set of illustrations and complete listicle, go here.

Editorial: Michael Scarr
Creative Direction: Nicole Coppola
Illustration & Design: Dana Chen
© eHow


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