Sunrun email marketing design

The client: Sunrun is a company that provides options for homeowners looking to green their energy use. Their business runs on a robust marketing campaign that spans across email, advertising, and social media.

My role: I created visual content for various email campaigns, frequently for email and occasionally for social media.

Sunrun: Anniversary header sketches


Sunrun sends congratulatory emails to customers who celebrate anniversaries with the company. In addition to a generic image, special headers were created for first, fifth, and 10th anniversaries. I designed static images in accordance with their branding and then added subtle animations in AfterEffects.

Sunrun: 1st anniversary header


Sunrun: 10th anniversary header



Sunrun: Generic anniversary header


Sunrun: Smart Socket sketches


Sunrun provides light educational content as part of their marketing efforts, and one campaign in particular focused on smart sockets that prevent vampire draw (sockets that still draw electricity even on standby). The animated gifs I designed were used in email as well as social media.


Sunrun: Smart socket


Sunrun: Smart socket


Project management: Daphne Wu, Judy Blume
Design & illustration: Dana Chen


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