PCAS Identity

Identity systems design concept for France-based chemistry giant PCAS. I loved this project because it was an opportunity for a chemistry nerd to think abstractly about what chemistry is and what people take away from it—human reaction vs. chemical reaction.

PCAS: Visual research
It starts with visual research and very rough ideas.

PCAS: Roughs

PCAS: Concept
A pattern begins to emerge, and it’s pared down to the core concept—at the heart of PCAS, who are they?

PCAS: Concept

PCAS: Concept

PCAS: Concept logo

PCAS: Concept alt logos

PCAS: Colors and supporting design elements

PCAS: Business Card
The initial direction is furthered refined for conceptual and technical finesse. The visuals have to make sense, but also look good at various sizes.

PCAS: Further exploration

PCAS: Further exploration

PCAS: Further exploration
The concept is finalized for presentation.
PCAS: Final logo

PCAS: Final logo variations

PCAS: Final colors

PCAS: International logos

PCAS: Business cards

PCAS: Letterheads

PCAS: Pattern

Creative direction: Jeanie Chong
Design: Dana Chen


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