mitú Visual Content

Working alongside a production team, I art directed a series of visual content for mitú, the media brand for English-speaking Latinx millennials.

mitú moodboard

It started with the moodboard to establish a look and feel that ties in the client’s wish list and our creative vision. From there, our team brainstormed ideas and shaped topics with the client.
mitú: How Much Does a Wedding Really Cost? Visual Checklist
mitú: Takis vs. Doritos Decision Tree
mitú: Food & Fitness in Your 20s Infographic
Creative direction: Nicole Coppola
Art direction: Dana Chen
Editorial: Japhy Grant, Claire Webb, Cathy Flanagan,
Design & illustration, shown: Kim Galanto, Bobby Bernethy, Megan Scherer
Project management: Tiphanie Luebke


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