La Combe des Selves

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The client: La Combe des Selves (LCDS) is a rental retreat property in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southeast France. Offering both forested land for exploration as well as a three-story home for comfort, the property is positioned as a family-oriented French getaway.


La Combe des Selves: Exploration


The project: Branding LCDS was already underway when I joined the project. The team aimed to switch gears from a custom lettering identity to pursue a new visual direction, and I was tasked with depicting a gazebo that stands on a small island on the property.

The client was especially particular about the gazebo’s portrayal. I worked heavily on the exploration of illustration style, first in broad strokes, and then with a fine-tooth comb to ideate different combinations of elements like shadows, plants and waterfowl.


La Combe des Selves gazebo


La Combe des Selves: Exploration


Challenges: The decision-making stakeholders in this project brought a lot of diversity in opinion and the creative team worked more rounds than usual to translate broad critique into focused art direction in order to meet their goals. I drew 100+ different gazebos. Luckily, the budget allowed the extensive project management, direction, and execution to be possible. In the end, stakeholders were happy with the results.

La Combe des Selves: Exploration


More to come soon…


La Combe des Selves: Envelopes


Creative & Art direction: Jeanie Chong
Design & illustration: Dana Chen


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