Frozen Party Printables and Crafts

Craft and DIY content produced for That Mouse Company. I worked under a creative director alongside photo and content editors to brainstorm, pitch, and produce a big batch of mom-friendly content. I sketched out ideas and created many, many illustrations to capture the right feel.

The snow glows white at the party tonight

Party snack concept

Centerpiece craft concept

Blizzard bar concept

Rosmaling design

Party bags printable pages

Party bags with character designs

Canvas craft printable pages

Let it Go canvas craft

Wall hanger design

Wall hanger design
Wall hanger crown piece

Wall hanger pieces

Wall hanger ice queen design

Wall hanger ice queen piece

Wall hanger snow and icicle pieces

Creative direction: Nicole Coppola
Photography: Discover the Fauna
Styling: Eileen Sweeney, Brooke Wolin, Chloe Millar
Illustration, design: Dana Chen, Kim Galanto
Editorial: Claire Webb


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