Fair Isle Rat Pattern

Fair isle inspiration

Old traditional crafts is one of my fascinations, and this Scottish way of knitting encompasses the most basic of techniques (you only need to know one stitch). Designs laden with culturally important motifs, like snowflakes, trees, or deer, carry the tradition forward.

In this project, I bring the traditional with the untraditional by creating my own Fair Isle pattern with the motif important to me—rats.

Fair isle rats pattern

Fair isle rats pattern: alt colorways

It was later expanded for a holiday design featuring a geriatric rat and hamster and R2D2.

Fair isle rats and hamster and R2D2

Work-in-progress knitting with the design.

Knitted Fair Isle Rats

You can now buy pillows, leggings, and other products made with this pattern here.

Fair isle rats pattern with Stanley


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