Brux & Boggle #4

Brux & Boggle #4: Running rats


Brux & Boggle is my zine about pet rats and rat culture. Each issue has a theme, and Issue #4 focuses on the bonds and personalities of three girl rats.


Brux & Boggle #4: Shout the rat


The girl rats came back from the brink of death to live happy, care-free lives, not knowing ever that they were given a miracle, so I wanted the illustrations to be solid quality but look natural, easy, approachable, and not overdone.


Brux & Boggle #4: Muffy the rat running on a wheel


Brux & Boggle #4: Cereal


Brux & Boggle #4: Sisters


Brux & Boggle #4: Muffy the rat

Brux & Boggle #4

Brux & Boggle Issue #4 is available for purchase


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