Brux & Boggle #1: Rat pattern

For the first issue of Brux & Boggle, my zine about pet rats and rat culture, I wanted to create a set of patterns as a companion element. The whole notion of pet rats centers on misconceptions—rats are known more as sewer wildlife or disease carriers rather than for their emotional intelligence, range of personalities, or cleanliness.

To push the idea of rats as cute, fuzzy domestic pets, I thought about vintage fabric patterns. Nothing spoke more of domesticity than ditzy fabric patterns with their bits and bobs of color. I looked at the real deal from the ’30s through the ’70s, avoiding a specific era.

BB#1 fabric: Brown colorway

BB#1 fabric: Yellow and cream colorways!

BB#1 fabric: Brown colorway as coasters

BB#1 fabric: Brown colorway as tote bags


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