ASUS Visual Content

I art directed a series of infographics and illustrations for global computer maker ASUS and produced the content in 10 languages (Arabic, Bahasa, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese). I love writing systems so the translations made this project a really enjoyable three months for me.

ASUS moodboard

As always, it started with a moodboard to establish visual language. Within this campaign-wide look and feel, designers and illustrators were given freedom to be creative in order to support the topic and subject matter.
ASUS: Work Hard, Play Hard infographic

ASUS: Work Hard, Play Hard title translations

“Work Hard, Play Hard” infographic. More ASUS visual content found here.
ASUS: Laptops for Dummies infographic translations

“Laptops for Dummies” cheat-sheet infographic. See the full thing here.

ASUS: Laptops for Dummies infographic
Creative direction: Dana Chen
Art direction: Dana Chen, Kim Galanto
Editorial: Lauren Dirks, Laura Smith, Cathy Flanagan
Project management: Tiphanie Luebke
Design & illustration, shown: Shannon Lamb, Aleksandar Savić
Additional typesetting: Jeanie Chong (Chinese, Russian), Maece Serafi (Arabic), Dana Chen (Russian, Roman alphabet languages)


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